Thursday, 3 January 2008

What A Nightmare...................

I've just spent the last twenty four hours trying to find out what i'd done wrong with my blog!!!!!

I found that the ADD IMAGE button on the posting (compose) just would not work, i don't know if it was some thing i did or a fault with BLOGGER, in the end i've down loaded a web album to get my pictures onto my blog, can anybody tell me if i've done the right thing or not as the case may be?????????

On top of all of that my Little Silver Hat Subscription arrived today (which i love as always) but Lianne is sadly closing the doors after the next Kit has been posted out to subscribers, i've used her ribbon collections for inspiration lots of times and i am really going to miss her site!!!!!

so i'd like to dedicate this next card to her, it's my first Magnolia of 2008....

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