Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pearly Pins.. For My Candy Queen...

Pearly Pins For A Candy Queen
 Well it is a jolly good job I had set up a few posts ready for this week. An awful lot of the girls at work have been coming in with colds and coughs. I am lucky I had my flu jab in September last year, but, Friday came and I started to feel really rough. By Saturday I was aching, cold and clammy even though I felt red hot. Well it is Sunday evening now and I am still feeling rough, I think I may have a watered down dose of what the girls at work have had, sadly it has affected my joints, and, after a fantastic year last year, managing to take very little sick time from work. I am starting 2011 by taking my first day of sick leave today. I am very annoyed with myself; I should have taken better care though how I do not know. Anyway I am resting, and I do mean resting, I am doing virtually nothing. I am desperate to be well for my darling husband’s birthday on Wednesday. I have planned to take him for a meal with his sister and her husband, so rest rest rest…I suppose I struck lucky over the Christmas period, my sister was so ill on Christmas day and for most of the Christmas period.

Well below you will find the tutorial I have created to show how I make the pins for my cards, I’ve been making them for nearly two years, I know a lot of crafters now make their own pins as they look so much better. 
I was asked a lot before my crafting break, how to make the pins I add to my cards.
I thought it would be a good idea to show you and create a few for the winner of my candy. Here goes!

 You’ll Need A Little Equipment

• Preferable a beading mat,( But not essential, this is a fluffy mat will stop your beads, pins, and crimping beads from rolling off the table/counter and scattering all over the floor.)

• A pair of crimping pliers
• Assorted wire working pliers (depending on your project) including a pair with wire cutting capability
• Assorted beads
• Assorted bead caps
• Assorted Pins, either decorative or just plain
• Assorted jump rings
• Assorted bead spacers

Click On The Pictures For The Instructions


Moni said...

Waw those pins are awesome, and thanks for tutorial. hugs;moni

Carole RB said...

Hi Tina

Thanks a bunch for sharing this tutorial.

Have a nice day!

Ila said...

Your pins are Gorgeous!!..I so love the ones you sent me before..I had a tendency to hoard them because they were so Lovely. Fabulous tutorial!!!TFS!!..Hugs, Ila

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Beautiful! xx TFS xx

Sol said...

Theese Pins are so Beautiful!!! Great Job making a Tutorial... Love that you have made them all so different!! :o)